Tips for Offices

It’s time to think outside the cubicle. As we work to #CrushCovidRI, we can all do our part to limit exposure and infection by taking tasks outside. Plus, working outside has been proven to reduce stress, so power up your devices and leave the desk chair behind. Here are some ideas:
  1. Meetings
    Skip the conference room and find a spot to have a physically distanced meeting outdoors. It’s still safest and best if meetings can be done while wearing masks.
  1. Solo Sessions
    Any solitary tasks from reading and writing to brainstorming and planning can be shifted out of doors. Even conference calls and video chats. Just make sure you’re distanced from and respectful of your neighbors.
  1. Strike items off your to-do list
    When was the last time your inbox had zero messages? How about those stubborn tasks that sometimes get stuck? Schedule a regular ‘out of office hour’ to get stuff done while getting fresh air.
  1. Water cooler conversations.
    What’s cooler than catching up with a colleague beside an actual body of water? Find an outdoor area in the Ocean State to touch base with a colleague, make that phone call you’ve been putting off, or re-connect with a contact in your Rolodex.

Let's Take It Outside