Parks, sports, and recreation

Parks and beaches; private and public golf courses; campgrounds, RV parks and beach clubs; party and charter boats; drive-in movie theaters and more — they represent some of the state’s great recreational offerings. To help you reopen your recreational facility or business as safely as possible, we have established protocols designed to protect you, your staff, and your visitors. Here you’ll find all the information you need about anything that is required of, recommended for, and relevant to reopening your recreational facility or business. Please read it carefully, familiarize yourself with it, and refer to it whenever necessary. This information may be updated at any time, so check back often.

Beaches Illustration
  • Beach guidelines 05.18.20 ENG | ESP
  • State parks guidelines 05.07.20 ENG | ESP
  • Seasonal campgrounds and recreation guidance 05.20.20 ENG
  • Phase I Lifeguard Guidance ENG
  • Phase II campgrounds guidance 06.13.20 ENG | ESP
  • Adult sports guidance 6.13.20 ENG | ESP
  • Phase II and III guidelines for farmer’s markets 06.25.20 ENG
  • Phase II initial guidance for pools 06.16.20 ENG | ESP
  • Phase II youth sports guidance 06.13.20 ENG | ESP
  • FAQs for adult sports ENG | ESP
  • FAQs for youth sports ENG | ESP
  • Beach visual guidance 05.22.20 ENG
  • Lifeguard guidance 05.15.20 ENG | ESP
  • Phase II parks and beaches 06.13.20 ENG | ESP
  • Party and charter boat guidance ENG | ESP
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Facemasks 06.23.20 ENG | ESP


  • Phase III youth, adult & school sports guidance ENG
  • Youth and amateur sports risk levels ENG
  • Sports – FAQs ENG
  • Sports signage for public use ENG

Parks and Outdoor Recreation

  • Phase II and III parks and beaches ENG | ESP
  • Phase III guidance for campgrounds, and RV and Seasonal Trailer Parks ENG | ESP
  • Phase III guidance for pools ENG
  • Phase III guidance for marinas ENG | ESP
  • Phase III party and charter boat guidance ENG | ESP
  • Phase III Guidelines for Recreational, Historical, Cultural, and Entertainment Establishments ENG | ESP

Farmers’ Markets, Agritourism and Fall Activities

  • Phase III guidance for Farmer’s Markets, on-farm markets, agritourism and pick your own farms 10.14.20 ENG
  • Agritourism Frequently Asked Questions 09.28.20 ENG | ESP


  • Event template ENG | ESP
  • Approved Summer Camp Directory 07.07.20 ENG

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10/15 Update: Anytime you’re near people who don’t live with you, wear a mask and watch your distance.