Communities and Organizations Taking It Outside

Community Participation
  • District Hall will be set up outdoor furniture and increasing use of the outdoor ‘public lounge’ space. Plans are also underway for increased outdoor programming.
  • Sail Newport has added and extended a wide variety of public sailing programs for adults and youth.
  • At AAA several of the pre-processing and pre-registration activities will be shifted outside.
  • Citizens Bank is a great example of a business that is taking it outside. Many colleagues at Citizens Johnston and East Providence campuses are using their outdoor spaces to hold meetings outside when possible.
In the News

East Greenwich Embraces RI’s ‘Take It Outside’ Campaign

Yahoo News! – 8/26/20
East Greenwich town officials are working on plans to close down parts of Main Street for the next couple of months to help provide more outdoor space for small businesses in town. The town’s plans are in conjunction with the state’s “Take it Outside” campaign that Gov. Gina Raimondo announced last week to promote outdoor activities where the risk of spreading the coronavirus is considerably less than indoors.

Sail Newport adds more programs in response to ‘Take it Outside’ campaign – 8/26/20
In response to Gov. Gina Raimondo’s recommendation to “Take it Outside” campaign, Sail Newport has added and extended a wide variety of public sailing programs for adults and youth. The governor launched the initiative to encourage Rhode Islanders to recreate outdoors as long as possible into the fall to help flatten the spread of COVID-19 in the Ocean State.

“Take It Outside” Is Not Hard In Charlestown

Charlestown Citizen Alliance – 8/22/20
This week Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo launched the “Take It Outside” campaign to encourage more people to get outside for work, fun, and pleasure. There is a lower risk of spreading COVID-19 during outdoor activities, but there are also great health benefits, for body and soul, when connecting with nature.

New RI Campaign Urges Residents To ‘Take It Outside’ – 8/20/20
Rhode Islanders are urged to get outdoors while the outdoor getting is still good with the weather as a way to drive down coronavirus numbers in the state. Gov. Gina Raimondo announced the state’s new “Take It Outside” campaign during her Wednesday news conference. She said the campaign will not only encourage residents and businesses in the state to hold as many meetings, dining and shopping experiences, as well as recreation activities, outside as much as possible as long into the fall as possible, it will provide funding to businesses and communities to facilitate more outdoor space use.

”Take it Outside” campaign will push for more street closures, Wi-Fi hotspots – 8/19/20
Gov. Gina M. Raimondo is preparing to launch a new campaign to encourage the closure of more streets in Rhode Island for shopping, dining and other business-related activities. The “Take it Outside” initiative will also aim to set up more outdoor Wi-Fi spots so people can work on their computers outdoors.

Rhode Island launches outdoors campaign as COVID deaths, cases rise

Westerly Sun – 8/19/20
As the summer draws to a close, state officials are launching a new campaign to encourage people to get outdoors as much as possible. Raimondo said Wednesday that the “Take It Outside” campaign will encourage business owners and government officials to conduct more activities outdoors, from dining al fresco to meetings and workout classes. She said doing more outdoors helps slow the spread of the virus. Health officials suggest you’re as much as 19 times more likely to contract the virus indoors compared to outdoors, Raimondo said.

RI to roll out ‘Take it Outside’ campaign amid pandemic

NBC10 & – Jessica Bothelo, 8/19/20
Spending time outside during the coronavirus pandemic is good for your health, Gov. Gina Raimondo said Wednesday. She said public health experts have reported that people are as much 19 times more likely to get the virus indoors, as opposed to outdoors. That’s why the governor announced the “Take it Outside” campaign, a new initiative in which her staff is working with cities and towns to help enable more outdoor activities.

Push for Outdoors – 8/19/20
Raimondo announced the state’s new “Take It Outside” campaign, to encourage outdoor dining, working, and living. “One thing we know we can do is to move our life outdoors,” said Raimondo. “For the next few months we can do a lot outside. We know this virus spreads much easier indoors. Experts say you’re as much as 19% more likely to get the virus indoors as opposed to outdoors.” “We want everyone to get outside and do as much as they can,” said Raimondo. “We’re kicking off the ‘Take it Outside’ campaign. We put together a team of folks, working with businesses and cities and towns to come up with creative ideas to move activities outside — heat lamps, certain accommodations to get things outside.” “The ‘Take it Outside” campaign — it is much safer,” she said.

RI Will Be ‘At the Ready’ When Schools Resume, Raimondo Says

NECN – 8/19/20
On Wednesday, Raimondo encouraged more residents to get outside while the weather is still nice, saying the novel coronavirus spreads 19 times faster indoors. She announced the Take it Outside Campaign which aims to close more streets for shopping and dining, as well as to set up more mobile hotspots so people can work outdoors.

Also on Wednesday, the governor announced that she is launching a “Take It Outside” campaign to promote more outdoor activities during the pandemic. She said people are as much as 19 more likely to contract the virus indoors than outdoors, so a team of state business, health, and environmental officials will be working on a variety of ways to promote outdoor activities. For example, she said streets or parking lots could be closed off so that restaurants could offer more outdoor dining, businesses could be encouraged to hold meetings outside, and fitness centers could hold yoga classes outside.

Let's Take It Outside

Update: Anytime you’re near people who don’t live with you, wear a mask and watch your distance.